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You don’t need to guess about hydrogeologic or environmental problems. We will find out what you need to know with efficiency and accuracy.

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Environmental Consulting

We excel at Phase 1 and 2 ESA’s, release investigation, site characterization, remediation for contaminated soil & groundwater and landfill services. You can rely on HydroGeo to provide honest expertise with efficiency.

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Hydrogeologic Assessments

If you are responsible for managing the current and future water supply plans for your community, you need an honest team of experts in your corner. At HydroGeo, we know just how important understanding the geology of an area is to make informed decisions about groundwater supply. When you work with HydroGeo, you get a combination of classic geologic mapping techniques with cutting-edge GIS and geophysical imaging technology to help you make smart decisions about your groundwater supply project. 

Clean Water

Groundwater Supply Development

Access to clean water is everyone's right. Our hydrogeologists use technology and experience to select prime well drilling locations. We work alongside well-drillers to install drinking water wells and perform aquifer testing to make sure you have a sustainable water source. Working with the Virginia Department of Health, we'll see your project through the Public Water Supply permitting process. HydroGeo removes the stress and guess-work behind groundwater supply development.

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Geophysical Surveys

HydroGeo is at the top of their field when it comes to geophysics. Whether you need sinkhole imaging, bedrock mapping, soil mapping or high-yield well location services, we utilize the most effective methods to meet your needs. Ground Penetrating Radar, Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Electromagnetic Conductivity Mapping, and Seismic Methods – we know which one is the best option for your project.

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