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You’re not just planting a vineyard for yourself. You’re doing it for those who will care for it generations after you. HydroGeo’s technology and experience can help ensure your vineyard will thrive and your wine will be excellent.

Vineyard Services

HydroGeo Terroir Mapping

Terroir Mapping

We use a combination of Subsurface Imaging and Test Pits to map vineyard sites for optimum planting and planning. Whether you're planting a new vineyard or cultivating an existing one, we can give you the soil information you need to create beautiful wine.

HydroGeo Site Selection

Site Selection & Evaluation

Are you looking to purchase a new property for a vineyard? Using computer mapping tools and landform evaluation, we can help you determine if a property is worth your investment. We can also determine the best location for a vineyard on your property.

Jake Bushing Wines

what our clients have to say

"I have worked with HydroGeo on multiple vineyard sites where the results have altered vineyard layout plans completely. The goal with starting a vineyard is to only start it once. I will never plant another vineyard without completely understanding what my roots are growing down into. It's where wine quality starts."

Jake Busching, Virginia Winegrower
Jake Busching Wines

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Jake Bushing Wines
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